RADICAL G is dark electronic techno madness by Glenn Keteleer (BE). Playing shows worldwide, Radical G decided to take the show to an entire new level by combining his music with state of the art visuals.

DAXX produced the concept and visual show for the Radical G live shows. Expect an eye-stonishing, video mapping experience.

soundcloud - Radical G

Pictures by Kovas Photography




Vonk en Zonen is an Antwerp (BE) based poetry collective that was offered the chance to bring poetry to the wide audience. Their poetry had a weekly place in Belgium's leading newspaper, DeMorgen. After a year of publishing, the result was a poetry tour in different cultural centres around Belgium. 

To spice up the evening Vonk en Zonen asked DAXX to create custom made live visuals, linked to the theme of each of their poems.

Achterom - Poetry tour